Apr 2, 2020
Church of St. Sophia in Nafplion

Church of St. Sophia in Nafplion

The Church of Aghia Sophia in Nafplio.

Small domed chapel in the picturesque Psaromachalas neighborhood. It was probably built in Byzantine times. It was the only church within the walls in service from 1780 until the Liberation (1822).


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Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

Built in 1713 as a warehouse for the Venetian Navy, it became a military caserne. During the German Occupation it housed the German Interrogation Office and today it serves as an Archaeological Museum holding a rich collection of finds from prehistoric until roman times.

Philellinon Square

Philellinon Square

An obelisk was erected in 1903 in the centre of the square in honor of the French Philhellenes (Maison, Fabvier and De Rigny) who fell during the Greek Independence war. Their names are found in the inscription on the base of the monument.