Jun 25, 2022
Discover Nafplio by Fun-Train
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Discover Nafplio by Fun-Train

The touristic trains are conducting a route of total duration 20 minutes through the picturesque neighborhood of the Old Town, the Cathedral of Saint George, The War Museum, the Great Road, the Land Gate, the Lion of Bavaria and many more.

The train ticket is valid for one and only circular tour and costs 4 Euros for adults and 3 Euros for children. At the starting point you will be provided with a free map of the city and our tour . Furthermore, you will have the chance to listen to the recorded commentary through speakers in Greek and English. The days and hours when the trains are operating are: From 1/4/15 until10/6 daily from 11:00 πμ until 21:00. From10/6 until 10/9 daily from11:00 until 14:30 and from 17:30 until 23:30. From 10/9 until 30/10 daily from 11:00 until 19:00. From 30/10 until 1/4 only on Weekends and holidays from 11:00 πμ until 17:00.

Company information

Address: Nafplio Port.
Nafplio Old Town
Phone: +30 6972241832
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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