Dec 7, 2019
The Armansperg House

The Armansperg House

It dates from the 2nd Venetian Occupation (1687-1715) and was rebuilt in 1831 with the addition of the second floor. One of the largest houses in town with impressive interior decorations, it was the residence of Count Von Armansperg.

DIM.ARG - Byzantine Hagiography

DIM.ARG - Byzantine Hagiography


The existence of icons has been witnessed from the beginning of the 4th century AD. The Orthdox religious painting has been established worldwide as a from of art high-quality. Greece plays a leading part in the course of religious painting throughout the centuries as well as in Orthodox religion. As a follower of this tradition, I produce artistic icons with love for this art. Apart from hagiography, you can also find other pieces of art as well as anything else you wish to order.


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